A Letter to the Nebraska Cornhuskers

It seems one of your core values, “Respect”,  is in tatters.

As a former LCDR in the Naval Reserve let me tell you of our core values:

Honor, courage, commitment.

I see no honor in what your players are doing when they kneel during the anthem. They dishonor tradition. It is our traditions which bind us together as a nation and build social cohesion.

The player’s courage is laughable compared to the real courage it takes to embed an oath in the lips and keep that oath. They can run, throw a football and whimper about an anarchy movement that harms our nation. The rest of us, pack our sea bags and leave our families behind. Physical strength does not denote character. It is a genetic predisposition and nothing more.  Character, can be bound up in a 5’2″ female Naval Officer. I stand, and stand proudly for our nation. And I would gladly stand down, and defend my nation from the ungrateful thugs on your team. Let them play ball in the Sudan or Somalia.  They are senseless idiots.

The player commitment to the football program is negligible because they pimp a platform which they do not own to promote their own political interests. Yep.  They are pimping your organization on behalf of Black Lives Matter.

The question is not one of “freedom of expression” – and of that concept, I am a firm advocate.

Freedom of expression also carries great responsibility.  And that responsibility should be carried on their individual shoulders, and not the onus bounced to the athletic department because of their damned sense of entitlement.

As pampered members of your athletics department, the idol worship given them does not afford them the right to spit on the cloth of the nation under which I served, nor to spit on the fan base who support the team.

Their “kneel” or raised fist, is a cheap knock-off for those of us who have actually faithfully worn the cloth of our nation.

I could cuss like a female sailor because I will always be a Navy Gal.  But let me merely note my intense disrespect and disgust for your players.

Please place the flag which is to never touch the ground at their feet and just allow them to spit on it during the next national anthem.  With any luck, in future games fans will just have the guts to walk out of the stadiums across our nation in disgust.

Without “kind regards”,

Tammy Swofford

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