Logic Is Master over the Haruspex

In 2005 I attended a university level conference of Muslim Social Scientists so that I could meet a scholar (a legal Mufti) with global standing.

At our first – of many meetings – alone, I looked across the Halal restaurant table and the Haruspex took over.  I had been examining the “guts” of the story of Islam for quite some time.  The entrails I had laid out in careful manner told a story.  As I carefully examined what lies beneath the skin, logic became master and holder of the Haruspex in my hand.

One day – this man’s grandchildren would rise up in America to persecute my grandchildren.  Of that I was sure. The thought – is now an imprint. Yes, we were friends. The same would not hold true for a future generation.

The Haruspex can lead to the truth, with a binary deployment of paranormal science which combines with theory  to produce predictive analysis of the geopolitical movement of Islam in the West.

A decade later, the Haruspex speaks. The Mufti now has grandchildren who are young adults.  It is teen and young adult who are rising up against the West with grand terroristic schemes emanating from the oracle of their god.

Islam and Muslim teen violence against the West

“Daddy” was all mouth around the dinner table.  The Imam is just full of shit. What he proposes, he lacks the courage to do.  But the young, with unstructured logic and examining what is under the skin of their gestalt?   The madness explodes like strands running from pressure cookers and “clocks”.  The one explodes across human flesh, the other explodes as multiple IED’s against our secular corpus juris. Both are acts of war.

It is the grandchildren of immigrants who will become the vanguard of terror operations in the U.S.

Thus Spoke the Haruspex


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