Daughters of Kings

The United Kingdom has this

And this

A different civilization…

Has this

Daughters of Kings.  One serves. The other is as despotic as her father.

Whilst Princess Hassa escapes back to the land of the cruel under diplomatic cover, the barrister retained for the bodyguard, Elie Hatam, bleats like a sheep: “There were more than twenty people in the apartments.”

But the last English Prince remembers this:

Saudi Prince starts the beat down in an elevator

And then finishes him off in the luxury hotel room

Want to play the “too many people present” card?

Spend three days raping and beating women on U.S. soil

This is not only a different civilization. This is a brutal civilizational model.

We have allowed beatings, rapes and deaths on Western soil by the sons and daughters of kings.  The rules of engagement for diplomatic cover must be re-examined. “Royal blood” flowing through the lineage of despots should not be license to spill the  blood of men nor harm  women on Western soil. “Royal blood” does not give right to  a wicked princess to kidnap and consent to the beating of a interior designer inside her private palatial prison in Paris.   A model of rape, kill, beat and run home to Big Daddy doesn’t work for me. My blood is royal too. It flows from the blood spilt by my ancestors for democratic freedom and the rule of law.

Should the wicked daughter of a king ever seek to set foot on Western soil again she should be immediately arrested and detained for expedited deportation back to her desert hunting grounds.



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