Dahir Adan: Immigrant Child raised on US Soil

The video of the St. Cloud Mall stabbing spree is horrendous. Please view the link.

“What are you prepared to do?”

Yes, what are you prepared to do when faced with close quarter combat with the child of a Muslim immigrant?   In active shooter situations we are taught to *harbor in place *run or make a moral decision to *fight.

What about the cyclist who was hit by Dahir Adan on his way to the mall?  A bit of attempted vehicular slaughter makes the game much more exciting. The victim rolled across the hood of the “weapon” and eyeglasses were later retrieved, having lodged in the hood of the car.

The options – none of them great:

*Harbor in place:

How do you harbor in place when confronted with close quarter combat in a small space? One of the victims was stabbed so hard the torque motion bent the knife blade.


How fast can you run when pregnant with the gift of life?  That solitary “red dot” on the forensic display should be two.  Dahir Adan attacked two lives, not one.  There is much we do not yet understand about fetal trauma, especially on the emotional scale. If Mama is traumatized emotionally, baby suffers too. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. That includes the mystery of life in the womb and what the fetus experiences. Can fetal trauma cause PTSD at a later time?


Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.  But DO bring a gun to a knife fight.  The rest of us can merely wave our iPhones, scream and let our fingers flutter about like leaves falling from a tree.

At what point does an individual cease to be a Somali refugee and become a full-throated healthy member of democracy?  Hard to tell. Muslims are squatters on land that is not yet conquered by Islam.  Sorry to sound so harsh. But read the doctrine. That is what it states. They are “unconquered” whilst on a quest for conquest. I can’t spoon feed ya’ but I know what I know.

Do I hate Muslims? Nope. Not yet. Haven’t yet been stabbed, shot, bombed or otherwise conquered. But I am pondering my fate.  If attacked by a knife-wielding Muslim today I will not be carrying the one thing that can stop a knife attack. My place of employment does not allow the aforementioned. And our security guards are not exactly physically fit.

Thank God for a physically fit  Officer Falconer and his fidelity to his oath.  Many more would have suffered had he not been present. He had a badge and a gun. But it was not the oath that saved him. The badge was mere display. The gun – ended a knife attack.

Now is not the time to allow a flood of Muslim refugees into our country. Now, is the time to pull back and reconsider our generosity in the face of ideological  barbarity.




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