Lady and the Trump

Regarding Trump, I haven’t even bothered to read the latest “scandal”. I grew up with four brothers, and served in the Navy. It probably comes down to “man talk”. And if any think women are not capable of the same or worse – just ask me.

Women talk about “shoe size”, orgasm, hairy chests, satisfaction. Well, you get my drift. I assume we are all adults. It is obvious in a Kantian way. Trump is a normal, healthy male. Not some politically inbred sweet-talking metrosexual.

I was talking to a male co-worker yesterday. His wife fell off a fence and sustained a large bruised area across the back of her leg. He quipped, “I am telling everyone we were having rough sex.” I smiled and said, “Yeah. Whatever. You could only hope.”

Peel me like a toad and boil me. Trump has testosterone and a set of vocal cords. Big Woofin’ Deal. Churchill told a woman that she was ugly. To her self-righteous face, when he was drunk. God! I would  loved to have heard him talk about women with the men. What a hoot!

Churchill was a great leader. Trump will also be a great leader.

Lady and the Trump. All the way.


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