Pastor Robert Jeffress statement regarding Donald Trump


Tonight on the way to church I saw a humble wood frame home with multiple Trump signs and an American flag waving from the porch.  A man was coming out the door with his dog behind him.

We know what the media will not admit.  This man and his dog will both eat better and have a better quality of life when Donald J. Trump becomes the next POTUS.

We are the peasants beyond the moat. We work hard for scarcely sufficient salaries. Our children are unable to attend college. We cannot afford it. We are burdened with taxation without real representation in Washington.

We really don’t give a rip if Donald Trump utters the word “pussy”.  We are offended by the self righteous. Jesus, did not give the self-righteous a “safe space”.

I choose the honest sinner

The American citizens must also rise up and deny MSM their “safe space” to function as propagandists. This is just the latest relentless propaganda against a man who will truly Make America Great Again.

And let me just get this off my chest once and for all.

Why is a private  conversation between two men eleven years ago any of my business? And the faked horror of the broadcasters disgusts me to the core. I would not trust one of these people to babysit a child. They are criminally dishonest.

Give me the honest sinner.




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