Trump: Adaptable Chameleon

Yawn.  Another day. Another horror plays out. Trump “objectified” his daughter with Howard Stern.

Nope. That is the narrative but that is not necessarily the back channel story.

Trump is an adaptable chameleon.  This is how he does business.  The goal of communication is to use the linguistic tools of the group. Signal with what sends a signal back to you. Communication which does not evoke some level of emotion does not make us the speaking spirits which God intends us to be.  We are not meant to be robots.

Howard Stern? He is a shock jock. Your grandmother? Trump will eat one of her cinnamon rolls, pat her head, and tell her she is a great cook. The Evangelical Christian crowd?  Trump will hum along to Amazing Grace. Patriots? He kisses the flag.

Does all of this make him dishonest in his communication skills? Not necessarily. But it does provide insight into a man who is  gifted with unusual native intelligence. When in the room, he is on your side. And since the man has worked so incredibly hard to mingle with the many demographics which make up the fabric of our nation perhaps we should give the man in the room a break.

Otherwise, please vote for the woman who does not even have to run a public campaign to stay afloat. Vote for the Hillary Clinton political machine.  She may never utter the word “ass” but she WILL take your ass to the cleaners.

What can I say? You do have a choice. You have the right to think and discern for yourself. Otherwise, just keep sipping the broadcast poison.


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