What Dishonest MSM does not understand about Trump and Christians

This latest dirty dealing by MSM is going to backfire on them.  The backlash is building among the Christian Twitterdom. I am following some sites. And our scopes have the crosshairs lined up.

One bright lady stated it most succinctly:

If American women r so outraged at Trumps use of naughty words, who the hell bought 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Grey?

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There are two concepts which must be understood.

Christians are forgiven, not righteous. We can smell self-righteousness a mile away. The hypocrisy and self-righteous sputtering by MSM just solidify our belief they are not professional journalists but paid political hacks.

Christianity holds to a strong model of flawed leadership which God uses for His manifest will.   King David and King Solomon come to mind. The lens is one of Trump as a channel of God’s mercy extended toward a parched American landscape. We have had a long dry spell of being force fed  LGBT rights, Black Lives Menace, and Planned Parenthood butchers selling baby body parts.

So for the evangelical Christian Donald Trump is a man who is easily forgiven for what transpired in the past. And he is easily embraced as a man who God can use for the blessing of our nation.

I will be live blogging the debate tonight unless I am at work tonight.  I have not engaged hand-wringing since Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015. Zero. Nada.  I believed then, as I believed now, that he is capable and qualified to be our next POTUS.

I will vote for him, not because I am a Christian, but because I am intellectually capable.





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