Live Blogging: First Trump Rally after the 2nd Presidential Debate at Wilkes-Barre

“A special group, I don’t know what it is – but bikers love Trump… They have signs that say Bikers Love Trump and Deplorables for Trump.”

He honors the bikers and says, “I always feel safe with the bikers.”

“We are going to be ending illegal immigration…  We are going to lower your taxes big league…. We are going to reduce regulations that are killing your companies… We are going to unleash American energy including oil, coal, shale and natural gas.”

This just came out.  WikiLeaks!  I love Wikeleaks:

In a speech Hillary made behind closed doors she said that terrorism was not a threat to the nation… Let me tell you we are riding into something which is very dangerous… and we do not want to be part of the era that they are talking about us in two hundred years that we are the stupid people who got taken….

Hillary admitted that ISIS could infiltrate with the refugees.  “So why is she letting so many into the country.?”

She admits she needs Wall Street money to run her campaign.

“Last night when I said we are going to get a special prosecutor to figure this thing out…. I have never seen anything like it…. you have never seen anything like it.”

Trump states he will do five or six stops a day. But the last week prior to the election he will do six stops a day called “Get out the vote stops”. (Bloggers note: Hillary probably takes six naps a day.)

Trump slams the media as dishonest.  When he begins to strike against the media the crowd turns around en masse  and insults the journalists with taunts.

“CNN is a disgrace!  OH!  THEY JUST TURNED OFF THEIR CAMERA.  SO FUNNY THEY JUST TURNED OFF THEIR CAMERA. I love it! These dishonest people.”

Trump poll results:

Drudge: Trump 70 Clinton 30

Variety: Trump 64 Clinton 36

Time magazine:  Trump 89  Clinton 11

Fox:  Trump 85 Clinton 13

Breitbart:  Trump 93  Clinton 7


You can watch the Trump rallies at:

Trump Rallies



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