Sunnah: The Argot of the Qur’an

While covering the Trump campaign on this blog I continue to study the argot of the Qur’an.

Whatever the messenger gives you, you should accept and whatever he forbids you, you should reject.  al-Hashr (Surah 59): 7

“The only way that we can follow that command from God is to learn the Hadeeth of the Prophet (PBUH) and put them into practice.” Dr. Bilal Philips

The Qur’an and Sunnah are inseparable. Yet it is Hadith which unlock the secrets of the Qur’an.  It is the obscured language – the dark code which signals back to every single ayat. A signal is sent out from the Qur’an and it is located in Ahadith.  A signal is sent out from Ahadith, and it will also be located in the Qur’an.

ISIS uses the argot very well and it is from this dark language that they practice their dark arts. What we fail to grasp is that ISIS is not manipulating and adapting, but appropriating the argot as their own.

There are literary tools which dovetail in and out of Ahadith.

Seerah is the biography of Muhammad.  Within the Seerah is the subheading of the travels of the prophet of Islam and they number about forty, depending on the scholar.

Shamail deal with the physical features and attributes of the prophet, and from this body of work we know the man had both a birthmark and can speculate regarding  a congenital birth defect.

The Maghazi are the battle of the prophet.

Dalail describe the miracles and the Sufi are well-versed in this aspect of the argot.

Also intermingled and breathing life into the argot is the mysticism of the Sufi. Much secrecy surrounds this spiritual art form and whether a Naqshbandi or Qadiriyya Sufi, secrets-keeping is a powerful bond shared within the groups. Forget e mail. These things will never surface for the eyes of an NSA analyst. The “sirr” (secrets of Allah) remain within the hands of the Sufi masters.

I have had friendships with men from both sects.  The former, offered to mentor me – but it required the complete release of my will to the guide.  The Last English Prince does not bow to any man.

Dark language, rich with meaning.  Sunnah.

Sunnah or later, we need to figure it out. Symbol, signal, code. Argot.



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