Fact Sheet on Hillary Clinton e-mails

Hillary Rodham Clinton goes to Washington.

And Ms. Clinton does this

Angst over leaders with dictatorial global power seems a bit misplaced when we do not call to account our own bastards.

Our Republic suffers when individuals with the amoral caliber of Ms. Clinton are allowed to run for the highest office; what should be the most honorable office of state.

The world laughs.  We must not laugh with them. There is work to be done. And our loss of global respect and tarnished image can only be refurbished with the removal of Ms. Clinton from the public square. I support a newly invigorated investigation of Hillary Clinton and her actions by presidential appointees granted the full (warrant) authority of the law to harvest all existing information from other investigative agencies which have failed in their delivery of justice.

Of course, this will only occur if Donald J. Trump is the POTUS.

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