Project Veritas: Explosive Video Exposes DNC False Flag Operations Against Trump Supporters

I rarely watch any video longer than a few minutes in length.  This video was worth my time.  What starts as “sound bites” ( such things always concern me because of lack of context) build into a damning case against the DNC.

Guerilla Warfare Propaganda Worthy of Che Guevara

I am stunned by what I viewed.

On a happier note, was the Donald Trump rally in Green Bay which I watched earlier tonight.

He is giving cogent policy statements regarding ending corruption. What he will start with Executive Orders will then be carried through our Houses of Congress and become the law of the land.  One of his most significant points was the following:  A lifetime ban on senior government advisors serving as lobbyists or “consultants” for foreign governments. He will also seek a law which places a five year ban on any Congressman who leaves office from serving as a lobbyist or member of a PAC.

Trump states he is going to tackle the corruption. I believe him. He also states that if we lose this election, 2017 will become the year that America loses her independence.

The Last English Prince supports Donald J. Trump.



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