The God Who Approves of Giving Women a Whipping


Beat me once, shame on me. Beat me twice, shame on you. I have taught both sons to never make a clenched fist in the presence of a lady. As for me, if a man laid a hand on me in such manner, I would kill him. But then again, I am an American woman. Civilized. Logical. Not superstitious about the hideous laws of this ridiculous “god”.

Teaching women a lesson

This cruel code of conduct against women has been unleashed across the centuries. The majority of Westerners are only now becoming aware of it because of a digital age. The practice is only being moderated for fear of exposure. So yes, information is power.  But the information in this article is only powerful if we have the means to change Islamic culture.

Nope.  One hundred years from now women will still be lashed for perceived violation of the laws of the god who created slaves.

Please note in the article link above the report of the woman whose lashing is delayed because she is pregnant.  This is not based on a sense of compassion, rather an understanding that the oracle of Allah delayed the stoning of a woman who committed adultery until after her child was born. * Take a moment and imagine the plight of this woman (had she merely been lashed).  Just had a baby. Exhausted from labor.  Pulled away from her baby to be mercilessly whipped.  Returned to her neonate with bloody stripes on her back and a baby with need for nourishment.  If the child is a girl, will she be overcome with fear for the fate of her daughter?

Only bastards beat women.

Do you understand? Do you really understand how Islam subjugates women and denies them their basic human liberty?  I was reading the words of a PhD female Islamic scholar yesterday.  In a question and answer session a woman asked if she had destitute parents could she help them if her husband forbid it.  The answer from the scholar? No. You may not help them.  Your husband says no, and your husband’s word is law.

Now in “defense” of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence, it teaches your mother is due three items: food, a dress, and a room.  But the Hanafi school is softer on some issues than the other schools of (Sunni) Islamic jurisprudence, with al-Shafi’i being perhaps the most hardened madhhab, or  school of law. One must look back to the Risala of the various jurists to understand why today, in the 21st century, Muslim women are being whipped in public. This is based on corpus juris, not cultural superstition.

Muslim women who have a measure of liberty enjoy that liberty because of adaptation to Western civilization and our enlightened and humane concepts.  Islam gives women no such liberty.

My prayer for Muslims?

Let the light shine!



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