An Oath of Office is worth $675,000

My oath of office was worth the price of my blood.

Apparently, a highly placed FBI official finds his oath worth $675,000.00

Can you say the words “conflict of interest”?

Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia was involved in the disbursement of the aforementioned amount to the state senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe.  This amount represented 1/3 of her total contributions.  Her spouse is Andrew McCabe. After receiving the funds McCabe was promoted to Deputy and was assigned oversight into the Hillary Clinton investigation.

You can find articles regarding this breaking story in the Wall Street Journal and other reputable media organizations.

It does not matter if Mr. Andrew McCabe’s spouse received these funds prior to his promotion.  This is conflict of interest.

How deeply embedded is the corruption within our government? Pretty damn deep when the sticky  tentacles  move freely in and out of the Department of Justice.

Can you say the words Voter Revolution?  This revolution moves to the polling places…

if we can even trust, at this point, in the integrity and sacredness of our vote.


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