Politics can be fun: my e mail fight with a Clinton supporter

I am voting for Trump for all of the right reasons:

* He will kick Paul Ryan’s head right up where the sun don’t shine. That man is a sh-t weasel in preacher’s garb. Sanctimonious liar. Even Jesus did not like his kind of “prayers”.

* He will demand Director Comey’s resignation and “investigate the investigators”

* He will put legal cement boots on the Clinton crime syndicate. They deserve the Jimmy Hoffa treatment.

* He will tell the Chinese Premier he is a slant-eyed man with small hands and middle management shoes who manipulates currency

* He will use his business sense to govern and it will serve us well.

* He will put “sleepy kitty” Ben Carson into a Cabinet post and Chris and Rudy will join him. Good team with a great talent pool.

But mainly,  a vote for a Republican is no different than a vote for a Democrat.  Their relationship is politically incestuous. They work for themselves and not for us. They tell us what we want to hear and then do damn well what they please.

There you have it.  I am a middle class peasant beyond the moat but we are carrying our axes and fire torches now.

Just remember, dear friend, our votes will cancel each other out.  So you can just stay home.  wink

Snarky Tammy


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