Pour Yourself a Drink: Read the Wikileaks

The behavior and antics of the DNC warlocks should leave little doubt regarding some of the false claims leveled against Donald Trump.

Pour yourself a stiff drink. And then read the WikiLeaks.

Clinton’s Ship of Pirates

Read and be disgusted. Read and understand. The vile underbelly of Clinton associates is on full display. They will confabulate, exaggerate, and tell the biggest whoppers right to your face.  And then like Donna Brazile, these creepy clowns will tell the biggest lie of all:

“I am a Christian.”

Voting for Hillary allows members of an exclusive insane asylum access to the reins of our government.

Isn’t it time we rid ourselves of the corrupt influence of the Clinton family crime syndicate?  This current election cycle is akin to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.


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