N – 1

One more day.  Tomorrow represents America’s past, present and future.

The Clinton Crime Syndicate rejoices.

“Glad to have this matter resolved.”

Yes, Director Comey, we are glad to have this matter resolved.

Six-hundred and fifty thousand e mails made it to the device of a pedophile pervert by osmosis.  But the same, were undoubtedly removed by foreign entities by a different process. Breach of protocol equals breach of security. I know the drill. I held a Secret Clearance and never violated my oath of office.

Yes, Director Comey, we are glad to have this matter resolved.

In the meat market of corruption you are just another flank of beef hanging from the DOJ hook.

False flag operation?  The nation cannot handle the truth. It would devastate the Republic.

Hence… the hiding away.

Rotten political meat carries a distinct scent.

The truth will set you free.

Our Republic has suffered a rape.  A rape of our sense of decency.  A rape of our sense of trust.

In PTSD manner we will now back up against the (governmental) elevator wall when the door opens to allow entry of a man. But wait!  The rapist may be a woman. Lois Lerner, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Donna Brazile remind us that both XY and XX are capable of rape of the corpus of our Republic.

We are glad… to have this matter resolved.  There is no monster under the bed. But the jinn are out of the closet.  And according to Islamic folklore the jinn are most active at dusk.  Interestingly, they take on animal form:  Donkey and scorpion.  We know about the Donkey.  We are fearful of the scorpion.

N – 1.




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