Trump: Rolling Thunder

Like the sound of thunder quarreling with the storm which spawned it,  like a lightning strike delivered by God himself, Donald J. Trump accomplished a political feat which denies the well-ordered models of statistical probability their secure domain.  No more!  Never again!  America will never be the same.

Trump is like rolling thunder. And the thunderclaps being hurled across the political sky contain the voices of millions of ordinary Americans.  Let me take you back to a moment in time from November of 2015 to set this stage.

A quiet meeting took place between a close associate of mine and a member of the Karl Rove cabal.  Seated at a Hilton hotel, the two individuals shared their thoughts over a long breakfast.  It was a calm east coast morning.  But the messenger was tasked with the delivery of a strong warning:  Beware of  “the peasants beyond the moat”.   The phrase is my coinage, and this imagery was used to deliver a jolt into  the highest reaches of the GOP.   * Check the emotional pulse of the electorate.  *You are unaware of the level of anger and rising tide of resentment against the GOP and all Washington elites.   *The peasants beyond the moat are on the move and the pitchforks and torches are in our hands.   *Do your jobs or we will replace you!

November 8th 2016

We voted.  And we voted with the middle finger.  

Three decades of taxation without stewards of righteous representation.  Three decades of moral and economic decay residing within the elected suits who promised us the world and gave birth to foul wind.  Three decades of creepy clowns like the Clinton crime syndicate and our creepy clowns within the GOP establishment.  (Yes, we are aware of our own bastards.)

Fifty percent of Americans earn less than what was earned seventeen years ago.  Solid careers have dissipated and Americans who are within a demographic for peak earning  potential  find themselves shouldering two or three part time jobs to make ends meet.  We work harder and earn less. And our children will suffer greater levels of hardship. This is the thought which remains unbearable.

Our national borders are not quite as convulsed as what is noted in Europe.  But the breakage in our national membrane on large scale will produce a death spiral with a rapidity of flash pulmonary edema. National membranes are as vitally important as human cell membranes. Both function along the lines of similar principles.

Intractable problems and unsupportable levels of corruption have been bequeathed on us by leadership who only give a damn about themselves and the welfare of their progeny.  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free….”  We always imagined it was the other guy. We never thought that Emma Lazarus’ poetry would be about We the People – the generationally-grounded citizens who have flourished within this great land for so long.   But we figured it out by the middle of George W’s second presidential term.  And we have suffered from both the symbolism and the practical applications of Ms. Lazarus’ words for at least a decade now.

We voted. And we voted with the middle finger. The thunder rolled and the storm has left a political wake not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.  This storm… is stronger.

All major media organizations have backpedaled from their dishonest reporting of real concerns and groundswells of support for Mr. Trump.  Perhaps none have backpedaled more furiously than CNN.  We are told the “whole world” believed Hillary Clinton would win.  What planet is CNN broadcasting from?  Even as I write this, CNN broadcasters continue to castigate Mr. Trump.  Do they realize they are castigating the American people?  Check out the electoral map.  It is a large scale hemorrhage.  Red…. is a beautiful color. And the blue states look a faint capillary blue by comparison.

Newsweek has already shipped their latest edition which will hit the newsstands on Saturday.  “Madame President” is the bold declaration.  Mrs. Clinton gazes out with the refreshed look of airbrushed photo shopping.  But then again, it begs the question: Which planet?  Newsweek will only find an audience on Mars this week.

The mighty have fallen. And great will be their destruction.

 The American people have been speaking for months.   Donald J. Trump has been our spokesman. He has drilled down deeply into the deck plate of our concerns.  He understands what we want.  We want a decent and ordered America.  We want law and order, not adulation for anarchy movements like “Black Lives Matter.”  We want drug cartels, their kingpins, dealers and mules off our soil.  We want immigrants but we want immigration laws enforced and quotas maintained and not expanded.  We want improved infrastructure and real-math-that-works access to healthcare options.  We want a smaller federal branch footprint and that can be accomplished by a federal hiring freeze and attrition. 

We want control of public schools returned to the state level.  The federal branch has no real right to meddle with the social mores which are variegated amongst our fifty states.  Read my lips.  We really do not want men in the restroom with our little girls.  And the LGBT community has a right to exist, but without an intrusion of indecency against the innocent. Leave our children alone.

We want jobs.  Americans work.  We work hard.  Don’t do for us what we should do for ourselves.  Open up the job markets for our workers, balance our trade,  please build our infrastructure and strengthen our military.

We have voted with the middle finger.  And we are the rolling thunder of a presidential campaign which has taken our nation by storm.   May God continue to bless our Republic.  And as we are blessed, it is with a warm smile that I can say we will pass along these blessings of liberty to you.




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