Cross Pollination of Thought: Back Channels

A colleague on the east coast has an excellent product. His current area of interest is the Soviet Empire.  But he is also stepping into the arena with some posts on our future POTUS.

The Playboy interview link provides excellent reading.

Donald Trump Interview

What comes to my mind on a frequent basis is that Donald Trump is a contemplative and practical thinker.

He will do just fine in the White House, in spite of his one-talent journalist’ detractors.

Remember: They have one talent and it is creating a narrative which conforms to their world view.

Like Ivanka said of her father, “If you say you are a builder, show me your building.”

Journalists build castles in the sky.  Donald J. Trump builds  tangible products.

He will be a tangible product President.

He will not “save” dripping glaciers.


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