The Trump Effect and an Alt-Reality Narrative

Stanford University wants to become a “Sanctuary Campus”.

This should be fun… dumping 10,000 illegal immigrants onto the campus!

Meanwhile, the Trump family dines at an exclusive dinner club:

If you have to ask the price you cannot afford the venue

Naturally, the press whines that they are doing this for us.  Ahhh, yes!  They have been doing this “for us” and “to us” for months now.  I am tired of their bullshittin’ ways.

The press has been hostile toward the future Commander in Chief since the day he announced he was running (June 2015). They have treated him very unfairly and I have personally never heard ONE REPORT which praised him for anything. He has a right to avoid a predatory press when wishing for a bit of privacy with his family.

Bring this down to a personal level.  Let’s say you belong to a monthly dinner club.

One of the couples consistently snipes at you and degrades you. The other members are decent.

Shouldn’t you ditch the one couple who destroys the dining experience with their thoughtless and malicious behavior?

Trump is merely trying to train the bullying child. Play nice and you can have your press card back.

But they are not playing nice yet

The press whines that Trump is “bucking a transition of transparency.’  Uh Huh.  Just like the snakes on the plane – Bill and Loretta.  Uh huh.  We get it.

As Trump begins to bulldoze through Washington elite and take a crowbar to unseat some of the most powerful men in the Republican party the press continues to provide an alt-Reality narrative.  * Trump cannot find individuals who want to be on his cabinet.  Yep. Perhaps he is behind the curve because nobody expected him to win and came courting his attention until the wee hours of Wednesday morning a week ago.  * Trump is poisoning the process.  Well, perhaps the ground water is poisoned and Trump is the sump pump.


Bulldoze, crow bar and sump pump in hand, Donald J. Trump may well be the best damn President we have ever had.  (And I just ended my post with a linking verb. wink!)



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