The Poetry of Dr. Ben Michael Carter

Prescription for a Muddy Soul


When you’ve been catalogued,

When your resume is in,

When your data’s logged

And appropriately filed,

When your main attitudes

Square with public opinion,

And when your wife has friends,

And you’ve got so many friends,


When everyone affirms

That you’re really on your way,

That you’re a rising star

And that your promotion’s due;

When your best instincts know

That approval wins the  day,

That’s it’s what others do

(Always what the others do);


When you suspect your life

Has been structured by the norm

And moments that are yours

Tend to leave you at loose ends;

When you hear the rain

And your room seems cloy and warm,

Go stand out in the storm,

Go and stand out in the storm.


When you discover that

Your prerogatives are dead,

And if your reveries

Gull your Walter Mitty soul;

When you desire things

Which a pretty stranger said

Mean prestige in an ad,

Juggler magic in an ad;


When your best days are spent

In a world of buy and sell;

When you feel unfulfilled

If nobody slapped your back;

When you awake and wish

Golden slumbers wouldn’t die.

And in your dreams you fly,

In your dreams you really fly.


When you’re concerned because

Your lapels may be too wide,

Your shoes are out of style,

Fashion’s left you far behind;

When you feel stale and dull,

Leave your box and go outside

Go and hear the wind and tide,

Listen to the wind and tide.


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