This Imaginary Battle

Just caught Reza Aslan on CNN whilst he was saying “…. this imaginary battle between Islam and America….” I glanced at the time stamp at the bottom right corner of the CNN screen.

9:11 (ET)

Ahh, yes, Mr. Aslan.  This imaginary battle which began on:


Continued on:

December 24, 2009  (Underwear bomber)

Continued on:

May 1, 2010  (Times Square bomber)

Continued on:

July 16, 2015   (Chattanooga, Tennessee shooter)

And my favorite imaginary battle:

Dec. 2, 2015  (The San Bernardino Holiday Party Massacre)

Other skirmishes have prevailed, which The Last English Prince cannot remember off the top of my head.  Additional tragedies have been prevented.

But intellectual dishonesty always bothers me.

All Muslims are not bad-to-the-bone. But Islam is at war with Western sensibilities.

Don’t believe me?

Tell that to the families of the three Green Beret who were killed in Jordan.

“Who was it that murdered my son and why?” (Father of Staff Sgt.James Moriarty)

The Imaginary Battle Takes Another American Life.

And flag-draped caskets remind us once again that the battle is real.

Our military personnel are both magnet and shield.





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