The Needy in our Community

This morning as I was shopping at an area mall the question turned to Thankgsiving.  The clerk is a twenty-something female.

Question:  “Where are you having a meal tomorrow?”

Answer:      “At an Asian restaurant near my home. I hope they have pumpkin pie.”

Question:  “Where is your family?”

Answer:      “In Forney, Texas.  But I have to work tomorrow night.”

Affirmation:  “Absolutely not!  You are NOT eating at an Asian restaurant.

Let me give you our address so that you can join us.”

Guest:  “I walk to the mall to work.  I do not have a car.”

Affirmation:  “I will pick you up at noon.  Be ready for smoked turkey, ham, homemade  mac’ and cheese, sage dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole,  sweet potatoes, salad, pies, and double chocolate brownies.”

Look at the world with fresh eyes today.  Who can you invite for a meal?  Many Americans will spend the day alone.  My family adheres to a tradition.  We invite those whom we love.  And some of the time, we also invite the stranger to  join us. We are blessed because of this tradition.


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  1. I invited a friend on the skids and living in his van, but he didn’t appear for dinner. His not coming over saddened me. Maybe he’ll join us some other time.

    I want to recommend this bit of reading to you: A Christmas Visitor, posted by my dear friend Warren. The spirit of Christmas expressed in a practical way!

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