War of Ideas v Propaganda War

The prior election cycle, the ongoing “drama trauma” of a Trump win has made for a steep learning curve for this journalist.  I am writing a piece for Daily Times titled “The Gibeonite Deception”.  It will appear first, on this page by tomorrow.  This blog is the clearinghouse for my thoughts.

One issue which is disconcerting is how media now uses Tweets, as opposed to facts, to flesh out stories.  Are any of us that important?  I am not seeing Tweets written by individuals with the wisdom of John Hancock, the stellar humor of Benjamin Franklin, nor the solid force of thought of Marcus Aurelius. Nor am I seeing the kindness of Jesus nor the patience of Buddha.

Those navigating toward the right seem to be jumping off the cliffs of thought. Those to the left, swinging wildly on their political vines.

Where will all of this take us? I remain unsure. But at the end of the day I support freedom of expression.


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