Ohio State University Attack: News Embargo

The public is given the name of the ram-and-stab Muslim terrorist.  It is Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  A friend tells media that he “loves America”.  The OSU campus magazine has a cameo interview floated into MSM which reportst his fears of praying in public.  We learn that Artan was born in Somalia, spent several years in Pakistan. He ended up briefly in a shelter in my backyard (Dallas) prior to being patted on the head, moved to Columbus, Ohio and eventually sent to college. We see a smiling picture of Abdul Artan with a graduation cap. We see a serene and contemplative adult male complaining about lack of accommodation in the public square for his prayer habits. Neighbors say he was a “nice” young man.

Catholic Charities colluded with the Refugee Resettlement Program to allow this terrorist to find habitation and safe harbor, university level training and healthcare.  I say colluded because this is a money-changers in the Temple activity. The work of the church is not about refugee resettlement.  This is a political activity not a spiritual one.  Yet CEO of Catholic Charities in Dallas tells us that his organization provides “comfort and aid” for Abdul Artan.  Abdul paid it forward and dispensed his own version of comfort and aid on November 19th.

We learn that Abdul was distraught regarding treatment of Muslims in Myanmar, a name which most of us cannot spell, much less locate on a map. (22 degrees North and 98 degrees East).  He is not distraught because of his own treatment. But if one Muslim suffers the rest of us must be made to suffer. Rage is disguised as sympathy for the plight of the unknown other. One billion infidels. This is his new kill zone.

So Abdul Artan is given a human face which displays a deliberate complexity to cast plausible deniability regarding actions done in the name of a mystical foreign god named Allah. But the victims are deliberately dehumanized by media.  We know the identity of a university professor who seemed minimally injured and happily proclaimed he couldn’t pass judgment.  But what of the individual with the open skull fracture? Student, faculty or adjunct staff?  Married? Single? Loved to run marathons?  Christian or Jew?

Unit 731 was a covert chem-bio research unit run by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.  Horrific acts were performed on the prisoners of war.  These humans were referred to as “logs” so that the staff could psychologically detach from the horror and immorality of their experimentation.  Why are we greeted by “logs” and not faces.

Why is there an embargo on identities and information regarding the eleven individuals injured by Abdul Artan? Why are they dehumanized via a process of withholding of information yet Mr. Artan is given human face and voice?

We are not to think of these things.  Not for too long. It is not desirable to think for too long about the victim who was catapulted into the air and slammed into a brick wall.  It is not desirable to consider the aspirations of the individual with an open skull fracture.  Are they cognizant, aphasic, blind, or paralyzed from the brain trauma.

No, my fellow Americans.   We are not to think of these things. Go on and live your life. Stand on the sidewalk but not too close to the train tracks. Go to the shopping centers and eateries and places of business.  But on that day in which you may be the victim of the next attack will any have the decency to utter your name?




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