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This story is trending today:

Taking the Oath to Enrich and Defraud

I know two of the surgeons involved.  One was on staff at my facility briefly.  Another was on staff at a facility where I have also worked.  He had a reputation as an “Operating Room Whore”.  Not my words, but the words of another physician.

Coming from a cell phone text of an ethical physician who showed me the message:

“Dr. X can make bone shanks in prison.”

The physician had been invited to join the money-laundering party and declined. There was a deep understanding that this was morally repugnant and also illegal. The aforementioned even fired off a warning shot to a colleague.  “Don’t do this.”

Last night we discussed ethics as we awaited the arrival of a nighttime emergency surgical case into the operating room.

When you awaken each morning there is one, and only one challenge, which awaits you.

Look in the mirror.  Who is that unmasked man?


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