Sarah Palin’s Big Adventure

Whilst Sarah Palin coughs up a hairball over the Trump-Carrier deal with the dreaded words, “crony capitalism” I have been involved in defending Trump’s chess move.

The video below reflects the thoughts I have placed out on the range:

  • The Carrier deal is not just about 1,000 workers, it reflects the needs of 1,000 families.  Many small communities are made up of less families than the aforementioned and remain dependent on the one factory or a light industry to place food on the table.
  • Better to have citizens working and PAYING TAXES then not working, and using taxes to make ends meet.

Nurturing economic bases

My resounding complaint against Mrs. Palin is the self-serving nature of her political whine.  Rumors are circulated that she is being considered for a Cabinet post. You and I both know the woman is not intellectually qualified and any meeting with Trump was mere tokenism which allowed him to move just another miserable pawn off his chessboard. (* Let me take a moment to announce that Mr. Trump is considering me for a Cabinet post too and major designers are now refusing to dress me.)

Here is a peek into my email communication with a team of bloggers yesterday:

Here is the deal.  Alaskans (men, women and children)  ALL receive a
yearly subsidy.

Last year, it was $2,072 per person.  The Palin family of two parents and
five children benefitted to the tune of $14,504.  This does not include
their grandchildren (Bristol’s two children.)

The next year the dividend will be less, but the average is 1,000-1500 per

Let’s lowball it and give the Palin family $7,000 per annum for the last
twenty years. (Not sure if they are native born to Alaska.  What is the
difference between crony capitalism that pays businesses to stay and crony
capitalism that pays citizens to stay in Alaska?  Should Sarah give 140,000
back to the corporations that paid it out?)

I don’t like hypocrisy. Palin is not playing fair and I think the woman is
a political buffoon.  I didn’t have a dog in the fight until she shot off
her mouth.

Permanent Fund Dividend

Alaska Dividend Blog

The Last English Prince is not a poly-math but does understand on small scale the velocity of money.  It seems better to keep the currency cycling through the economy as earned income as opposed to entitlement payments and subsidy for the unemployed.





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