And somewhere there is a cabbie….

Real or Faux?

Perhaps there is a cabbie…. who is being slandered and not aware of it?

Having used cabs for many years coming in and out of Reagan National, traveling from my hotel in Bethesda over to Falls Church, etc.  I have noted the majority of the cabbies are Muslim.   The few encountered who were Christians seemed ambivalent toward Muslims and invested in the American dream – working twelve hour days.

Is this real news?  Why wait to report this?  Why not report it instantly?

“I got in a cab and became subjected to the most hateful, derogatory, Islamophobic, sexist taunts and threats I have ever experienced,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“The cab driver called me ISIS and threatened to remove my hijab.”

What are the specifics of the taunts and threats other than removing the hijab?  There is no specific statement given, just generalizations.

So you leave the White House and a cabbie has the kahunas to verbally attack you?  I doubt it.  Yep.  I greatly doubt it.

You don’t immediately report this event which shook you badly because he knows where you are staying?  Pfttt   Report it. Stand in front of your hotel and announce you just left the White House when this event happened. See your political star rise!

I suppose there is a financial transaction involved and the cabbie can be located.

But the story has the feel of falsehood.


The story as presented seems to have some gaps.  It seems that a reporter found the post on Facebook, called the legislator and asked questions, threw in a few statistics, and Voila!  a real news story!

In breaking down the statistics, and compared to hate crimes immediately following 9/11 the situation seems less threatening against Muslims – based on FBI data:

9/11: 93 aggravated or simple assaults     2015 :  91 aggravated or simple assaults

9/11: 296 intimidation crimes                      2015:  120 intimidation crimes

The real story is that hate crimes can be fabricated, and in fact, the number remains fairly small and, in fact, static.  The fact that crimes did not spike substantially after 9/11 and the fact the numbers have adjusted downward tell the real story of the Muslim experience in America.

We do a good job as Americans with the motto of live and let live.


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