T-Rex: Secretary of State Tillerson

The skirmish in my e mail today involves a belief by some that Trump will be toppled prior to ascending to the presidency.  I heartily disagree. Here is a peek at my response.

Maybe I am the voice crying in the wilderness “Prepare ye the way for the Lord” but I don’t worry much about the chatter.  Whilst opinion/flotsam is swirling in the wind, and it appears a tornado – the work of state is going on inside the calm vortex (Trump Tower) and Trump’s Cabinet is being formed, the Pentagon is lining up behind him, Wall Street likes him, Americans are in love with him by the millions. Brick by brick, he is building his first wall and it is a sturdy one.

This is all about a sudden seismic shift in political power because power and talent are infusing into D.C. at a rapid pace and Trump is vacuuming out the dirt. I mean, who even gives a rip about anything Ryan has to say at this point?  He has proven he can only play checkers when we need a three-tier chess mentality.  Can ANYONE imagine Tillerson picking up the phone and asking Paul Ryan his opinion on ANTHING?  Trump will put America to work again. The business of State truly is to work the best deals for us, in our favor.  Hell, Tillerson oversees operations in fifty nations, some of them difficult partners. Tillerson is a deal maker and that is what Trump promised he would give us. He also told us he would get rid of the ineptitude in Congress.   I think Trump is sending a big “Here’s comin’ at ya'” to Saudi Arabia with the appointment of Tillerson.  I think we should not refer to him as Rex Tillerson on the blog, but as T-Rex.  The man will prove a carnivore on the world stage. Damn good, in my book. Go after them all, T-Rex! By comparison, Romney is a baby marsupial.

I am clapping all the way to the finish line. I just don’t think some of these individuals yet understand how *they are going to lose this fight and * they will lose their pants. At this point, I want to see Ryan buried under the pile of sh-t he is creating. Throw in Senator McCain.

Just my opinion and I take ownership of my thoughts.



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