Whitefish, Montana: The Real Story

Stories can have a lot of spin.  Take, for instance, this article on Whitefish, Montana:

Screeches in a Digital Age

My grandparents moved to Whitefish, Montana for their retirement years. Grandma lived into her mid-nineties – her Cherokee blood carrying her along with her spitfire personality up and running until near the time of her death.

I have fond memories of Whitefish. My last visit to Whitefish was just a few years back. Somewhat situated down in a “bowl” the winters in Whitefish are bitterly cold.  I still remember the feel of a knife traveling down my throat during inspiration of the winter blast.

The small airport in Kalispell is a short distance away. A combination of West-meets-Provincial, one moves from disembarkation of flight to the outdoors in practically seconds of time.

Big Mountain is the area ski resort attraction for Whitefish. It is the winter wonderland of the wealthy and famous.  We hear a lot about Aspen, but Whitefish is a carefully guarded secret.

Flathead Lake, in a curtsey to her history -referred to as “east glacier” by the locals- is revered for her pristine, clean water.  I might add that the water is hellaciously cold in the summer and as a teenage girl I was never willing to take the plunge to swim out to the floating wooden platform at the popular swimming hole. Not enough brown fat in my body!

Flathead Lake

The last time I visited Whitefish my grandparent’s small shotgun house still stood much the same only a couple miles from an area stream.

Every summer, locals put a “for sale” sign in their yard.  The real estate is highly valued and nestled around Flathead Valley are the expansive homes of many a dot.com entrepreneur.

Sherry Spencer, mother of the mouthy hatemonger Richard Spencer has considered selling her downtown property in Whitefish.  Having walked the “downtown” many times I can attest to the small, claustrophobic feel of the main street.  It would be nearly impossible to start up any business in downtown Whitefish without the transfer of deed for the ownership of a local building.

Whitefish, Montana is gradually being gobbled up by the cash flow of those who desire a fantastic place to ski in the winter, a great place for kids to hang out in the summer, and some of the most beautiful views offered on God’s green earth.

If Ms. Spencer is receiving hate mail it is probably coming from outside her immediate community. The locals are more interested in the legalized gambling, activities associated with a sportsman’s paradise, and just raising their families.

Ms. Spencer will profit nicely at the point she chooses to relinquish her property rights in Whitefish.  I wish her the best – and of course – a healthy profit margin.




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