Silsala: Manipulation of Social Media Platforms by Policy Clunks who lack Brain Cells

It gets frustrating, of course. Very frustrating.

In 2009 I released a white paper titled, “Gestalt”.  The paper addressed my thoughts regarding geopolitical Islam.  I devoted a complete chapter to the topic of silsala, the mentorship chain of command within Islam with regards to spirituality. The conceptual arch has enormous potential for exploitation and research.

This morning, I copied a Facebook link which is a designated silsala site to offer up to a fellow researcher. When I went to paste the link, I received a “Security check” message from Facebook. No load of the link, just the honkin’ security check warning.

Damn!  Not again!  How can any researcher do their job when a robotic using an active denial engine keeps the brightest and the best (not me, but the other guy) from carefully gathering the facts so that a working theoretical model can be constructed regarding silsala and the effect on geopolitical Islam.

Let me just merely offer up a simple statement. The trickle down theory is to economics as silsala is to…. now YOU fill in the blank after trying to research the topic.

Double Damn!



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