Presidential firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

Ambush.  Insubordination.  Neither is allowed in chain of command.

On a basic level: an ambush.

On macro scale:  A very public act of insubordination.

On legal scale:  A violation of attorney-client relationship. The White House administration is the primary client of the Department of Justice and the DOJ acts on behalf of the interests of their client.

Act of conscience:  Tender a resignation to the POTUS.

Act of malice:  Call a press conference, sack the quarterback, wait for the senseless cheering of the crowd.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates  knows  better. Her action creates a morale problem for the DOJ.  And a morale problem is always a leadership problem.  She has to go.  And she has to go for all of the right reasons.

And now she knows how the law should and does function within a healthy Republic.

The State of our Union will remain strong.

Sally Yates?  Her career will be defined not by her steady climb into the halls of power, rather by her sudden plummet.



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