The Centurions

Here is the digital version of “The Centurions”.

The Centurions

Today I will be enjoying a listening session with the attorney who successfully defended Ben Shapiro.  The defamation lawsuit against him (by Clock Boy’s father was dismissed.)  I would like to learn a bit regarding how the justice system works.

Also breaking news on one Twitter feed:

“chemical used in killing of the stepbrother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been identified as the Vx nerve agent”

No surprise there. Having had CBR-D training in the Navy, the aforementioned was my first thought. What would work that quickly and efficiently? VX is nasty stuff. The assassins had some means of protection against the agent, and also most likely there was an antidote protocol in play.

Scary thought?  VX was out of the weapons lab and out in the wild. Would it have been dispersed in aerosol with the right conditions we would be talking about a greater – as opposed to- a targeted body count of patient zero.


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