Politics on the ground in Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas is my place of residence.  So today I became part of politics on the ground.

Abdel Elhassan is the uncle of Ahmed Elhassan (Clock Boy).

He is running for Irving City Council, Place 5.

Today was the campaign kick-off at an area park.

When not busy slicing tomatoes and onions, ferrying hamburgers and hot dogs to the tables my time was spent networking with individuals who make up a foreign-born demographic for my city.

It is imperative that each of us familiarize ourselves with our neighborhoods, city government, and issues and challenges. South Irving counts for an inner city. And my home is south of the dividing line between rich and poor. I live in a melting pot. It is a big one.

Today provided me with a small opportunity to enjoy politics on the ground.

Here is the link for the web page of the aspiring city council member.

My post is not meant as an endorsement, rather, a reminder that citizens need to be politically active.


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