War within the State: II

When I wrote “War within the State” it was meant for the page of my news organization,

Daily Times Pakistan.  It was rejected. I resigned my Friday berth on the opinion page. This is the second time in recent months that a controversial piece has received an embargo. The practice is unethical and contrary to standard principles which guide journalism.

War Within the State

Today, the following is on the page of a digital venue, one with which I am unfamiliar regarding both the veracity and integrity of the article.

But it does make for interesting reading:

Conspiring against the President of the United States

Treason on simple scale?

Much worse comes to mind when contemplating the various security agencies and their vast resources and capabilities (given to them by We the People) to totally destroy an American’s character, his family, finances, etc.  If our agencies contain rogue elements- politically motivated agents who forget the oath which passed their lips – they need to be removed and replaced.

Perhaps it is time for an agency shake-down. I find it despicable to even consider that the power of an office and the authority afforded an agent could be used for such malfeasance.


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