The Need for a VOICE

What remedy?  What remedy when you receive the call that your fourteen year old daughter has been raped by two Guatemalan teenage boys only recently arrived on U.S. soil?  Are they here legally?  It is doubtful.

Your daughter has just been raped and assaulted in a very, very bad manner. And she was assaulted at her school. She will never be the same. Of that I am certain.

The elephant in the room

Shouldn’t we really talk about this?  And shouldn’t we build the wall?  And should we enforce our laws? The first crime, the first unlawful act, involves crossing our border and ignoring our laws.

The second crime is committed by our elected representatives when they choose not to enforce the law and deport those who are here without legal status.

This may be the third crime

It is time.  It is time to give victims of illegal immigrants a voice.

How many more?  What do you have the stomach for? And what are you prepared to do?

Please. Please do not go about on the streets with your plaintive cry for illegal immigrants unless you have first really, really contemplated what happened to that fourteen year old young lady.

Does she have vaginal and rectal tears?  Was her throat swabbed for Chlamydia? Is she now a carrier of HPV?  Is she bruised and what is the condition of her facial features?

Civilized men are required to consider uncivilized acts.

Men who combo rape girls in bathrooms are not novices at their game. How many women did these men rape prior to arriving on U.S. soil?

Be fair. Let’s be fair.

Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement



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