Rollins College: Denial of Rights for Fair Representation

Rollins College has both a legal and a public image problem.  The student requires vigorous advocacy against a professor engaged in jihad of the tongue.

Perhaps you are paying for jihad indoctrination on your child’s college campus?

If your progeny expresses a concern, listen to them carefully. And then take it a step further. If able to do so, attend class with them.

You are paying for education and not indoctrination. This goes for other ideologies too beyond that of the Islamic jurisprudence.

Islam is a code of conduct and law. Within the code are religious duties. But do not confuse the order of operations regarding Islam. Islam is law:  Submission to the law of a foreign god named Allah.  He is foreign to the JudeoChristian tradition.

The law dictates family court applications, economic allowances, Hadd penalties (the rights of Allah over man), government structure and Hizbah (maintenance of public order).  The law also dictates Ibaadah – the manner of proper worship, and conversely, what qualifies for idol worship. Religion is also a law. Religion is not a freedom. It is bound by law. Democracy binds religion to human spirit. Therein, lies the difference.

Islam is a law with applications in opposition to principles of Democracy. Until we are willing to express the same and express it clearly the ship of state will continue to flounder upon the rocks of Islam. Islam shipwrecks Democracy.

Practice saying it with me.

“I do not hate Muslims. But Islam is not a religion. It is a code of law. This code of law is not compatible with the core principles of Democracy which are human liberty and free moral agency. Therefore, I resist the seduction of Islam.”



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