Dr. DeShawn Taylor: “It is so creepy that they call them ‘babies'”

A physician who dismembers babies in the womb finds it “creepy” that the death certificates refer to these tiny human beings as “babies”.

Watch starting at the 5:20 mark

The truth is that Planned Parenthood preys on the vulnerabilities, abandonment issues and crisis of unsupported pregnancies to run healthy profit margins for the organization. When I say unsupported pregnancy, it starts with a man who prefers being a sperm donor to a father, a possible hostile family framework, and the finger-pointing of the righteous-but-never-caught in similar situation.

I never blame the woman who chooses abortion. It can be an act of desperation. I do blame Planned Parenthood for hacking up babies and selling the tissue.  How cold the hearts?  How evil the organization?

These are the people who are comparable to the Germans who knocked out the gold teeth of the Jews and used their skin for lampshades after the life was choked out of them with poisonous gas.

Every life has worth

Hug your children close.  Unless we move against this unethical front the day will come when a physician will look at you and calmly state, “I find it creepy to call this person a senior citizen.”

And remember this:  Dr. DeShawn Taylor thinks that babies are just a quilt of tissue.  A patch here, a patch there…. pull a patch of grandma’s quilt and sell it to the highest bidder.

Yes, that baby is being pulled off grandma’s quilt – that beautiful quilt of your family generations. That patch can never be replaced. But it might reside on the abdomen of a 300 lb. man who needed a tissue graft.

What are you legally prepared to do? 


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