JFK Entourage: November 1963


This rare image is on loan to The Last English Prince from one of the relatives of Senator Ralph Yarborough.  It is part of a private family album, considered part of the folklore surrounding the family,  and is not for redistribution beyond the confines of this social platform. I consider it a great honor to be allowed to display the image today.

Those who are well-acquainted with the history of the assassination of JFK will recognize the individuals disembarking from Air Force One. Senator Yarborough was asked to join LBJ in his vehicle in the motorcade through Dallas.  He refused because of the political feuding between some of the parties in this image.  The Senator is present as are other notable individuals.



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2 thoughts on “JFK Entourage: November 1963”

  1. AOW,

    As the story has been told to me, when Senator Yarborough refused to ride with LBJ, he was called out by LBJ with a vulgarity. Unsure if he later took up LBJ on the offer or not, but his initial refusal was due to the infighting going on with the political heavyweights. All were pushing their weight around on the day our President was assassinated. Seems like some things never change!


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