LtGen H.R. McMaster: Permission to speak freely, Sir!

We should be concerned regarding the selection of LtGen McMaster (Ret) to serve as national security advisor in the current administration.  He seems unwilling to address the issue of radical Islam  in truthful manner.

It does exist. The Last English Prince has dwelt among the ranks for many years. As a prior Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserves I have kept the rank and the oath whilst walking amongst strident Islamists. Friendships with these men and their families range from several years to a decade in length.

Let me merely offer one small example of what is being taught in a mosque which is a few miles from my home. This is being taught in the Islamic school.


The Muslims ruled over Spain for some several hundred years. If the sword had been
used to spread Islam, all the people of Spain would have been converted Muslims;
this was not the case. Furthermore, the Muslims were eventually expelled from Spain.
Therefore, if they would have used the sword for the spread of Islam, then they would
have remained the masters of Spain.
What you have just read is mild compared to some of the syllabus.
George W. and Dr. Condi Rice had it wrong. The narrative was wrong.  They played into the hands of those who hate us and wish to destroy our Republic:
“And the servants of (Allah) most gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, “Peace”. Surah 25:63
In a quick examination of the prior paragraph on Spain it does not take an I.Q. above 110 to surmise the obvious: all in Spain would have been converted to Islam because those who did not convert would be killed.
Today the sword is in the classroom, on YouTube, and being wielded in my city.
* Vignette:  Late Saturday night found the editor seated with a concerned citizen regarding activities at the mosque.  The Last English Prince remains on the ground and a sentinel standing watch in careful manner.
Permission to speak freely, Sir!   (The Criterion, ayat 63)

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