Islam: The Archaic View

In Western culture it seems odd to pair the words “wife” and “disobedience”.

Sure, there are a few inbred cults prancing about where spousal servitude is valued alongside additional oppressive and archaic patterns of thought.

So I wasted my time this morning viewing this

There are times in which I have strongly opposed my husband regarding a decision.  My belief is that strong marriages can survive  occasional flash points of conflict.  In fact, “peace in the home” does not mean there is an absence of conflict. My own parents failed marriage taught me that little lesson.   Allowances for conflict in a marriage – within agreed upon parameters – can strengthen and create a more healthy union.

Were I a Muslim woman, disobedient to my husband, I could face loss of food, shelter, clothing and medical care.  Women as refugees.  Nice!

It has also been my observation that our language defines us.  Is a wife disobedient or is she merely unhappy? Is she disobedient or is her husband an absolute bastard? When we are loved, in love – we sacrifice more than we should.  But if scorned and mistreated, please watch your own back.  smile

We all know the order of operations for dealing with a disobedient Muslim wife.  Whilst detesting option number 2 (using the penis as an active denial system) it is option number 3 that plagues Muslim-majority nations.  Pakistan comes to mind.  Spousal battering remains at unsupportable levels.

The scholar in the video claims the man is not to leave a red, blue, or black mark.  Hmmm   Does that mean not to leave a visible mark?  Anything but facial features is fair game?

And how many Muslim men listen to such swill to then go home and just hope the little lady will do something to displease them so they can test the theory of female subjugation to the stronger of the species?

Beat me once, shame on you.  Beat me twice, shame on me.

I cannot recommend Islam as a healthy lifestyle  because what was shared by the scholar is based on Shari’ah law.  And if there is one thing which can make the hair stand up on the back of my neck it is threat directed against women.

Choose wisely.



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