What is Primitive cannot be considered Divine

Reading the Islamic School courses from a mosque near my home I am reminded of a recurring thought. What is primitive cannot be considered divine.

Islam teaches that individuals must step into the bathroom with the left foot and step out with the right.  There can actually be a case made that the Prophet of Islam had a bit of OCD, based on his mannerisms which are copied by observant Muslims.

But this is only one of a handful of times that I have found the reference in writing for men to stand while urinating.  A prior reference is in a book written by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips.  It is an Islamic Studies book used in Saudi Arabia (Intermediate Level, Grade Seven) which also tells adolescent boys that they need to urinate from a squatting position.

I have had this conversation (about why men squat) and lost this battle with an AQ loyalist years ago.  He informed me that studies have shown it is better for men’s health to be seated on the toilet whilst urinating.  yawn…. double yawn

Intelligent design made it possible for men to have public water works and enjoy the same.  But telling men to sit to take a leak is about as practical as telling women to stand to do the same.  We were not slapped together by the Creator but scripture teaches that we were formed.  This form provides for practical applications regarding human behavior and function.

Dr. Philips  (a revert to Islam) was quite active in Gulf I attempting to proselytize U.S. military members.  He has since been marginalized from this activity. Thankfully.

Regarding Muslims, I follow the Biblical admonition to “Speak the truth with love”.

It is love for those enslaved which causes me to continue to question why Western policy  perpetuates allowances for primitive lines of thought in a modern and enlightened age. This perpetuation, this angst over Islam-as-religion, means that young Muslim men in my neighborhood are being told to urinate in emasculated manner.  This is demeaning.

  • Editor’s note:  Abu means “father of” and the use of this Arabic term gives a nod to the importance of lineage.  Dr. Bilal Philips is the father of Ameenah, his firstborn daughter.





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