Islam: Masquerade

Islam looks like this:


The Last English Prince pulled the image from a jihad portal shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Islam also looks like this:

Eleven year old girl killed in Stockholm Attack

She is identified based on her clothing, as noted by her mother – when still seeking information on her as in missing status. Unfortunately, she died a traumatic death.

Alone. Without her family. On the pavement.

She died alone.

Aqua Marine Parka Coat, Purple Trousers

How do you prepare for such a burial? One coffin or two?

Do you understand?  Or will you only understand when it affects your child or your family member?

Islam masquerades as many things.  But when uncloaked – Hell reigns.

I listened as a female American revert told individuals “We believe just like you. We just believe Jesus was a Prophet.”

Tell that to the Coptic Christians killed on Palm Sunday in Egypt.

Tell yourself Muslims have an identical belief system to the Christian tradition.

Take comfort.  And refuse to imagine your own future nightmare.


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