Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Pastorius

The editor was carping on the phone yesterday after passing through the TSA checkpoint at the Reno, Nevada airport.  This airport is generally a real snoozer. But bags were being rigorously pulled off and checked for explosives, items examined.  Took a long time to get through to the gates this time.

Pastorius and I were talking about the MOAB deployed in Afghanistan. Had to practically talk in code because using the word “bomb” in an airport is not conducive to personal health.  It would be like flying United and getting dragged down the aircraft aisle like Dr. David Dao.

Glad that I like to fly American Airlines

But back to the topic at hand, Pastorius has the usual scandalous-but-great-to-read post over at Ibloga.

Perhaps one of the best blogs around



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