Mohammad Marshal Khan

“In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful:

There is little doubt that we will have to remain watchful like a hawk to preserve our heritage….”

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz

24 Zilhajj 1419 AH (April 11, 1999)

Watchful like this?

The greatest sin, is to set up a rival unto Allah.  (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 6, Hadith no 4)

Watchful for the god who requires defense; by which the very act defies the concept of deity? Who wants to serve a “little g”  god who cannot defend himself? His throne lies surrounded by pools of innocent blood.

This doctrine is not one of a Tabari coin. It is the real deal.

Allah and his Prophet must not be maligned. Nor must the written record of their interaction suffer insult.

Muhammad had a woman killed for poetic satire against him. Let that little fact sink in a bit. And then remember what went down in Garland, Texas.

We should shudder to imagine the body count. What is the numerical indictment for such crimes against humanity? Include in the count the generations cut off by the death of our own martyrs. And include the Muslims martyred by their own community.

  • There will be no future generations for Mohammad Marshal Khan.  His death is the death of his own lineage.

There is only one solution for Pakistan and their mighty (Pfffft!) fight against “extremism”.

The United States can take the real coin out of their Diwan.

We can make a simple demand.

Remove the blasphemy clauses from your penal code.  Until that time, the United States treasury will remain closed to you.

Funding Pakistan with our tax dollars means the American people are funding the death of university students like Mohammad Marshal Khan.

Pakistan is not struggling. Pakistan continues to play a game with us.

Facebook and Twitter are also agents against change and modernization



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