Surveillance and Exploitation Platforms v Lock up

Every single drop of American blood is precious.  The loss of even one American for the greater good, is the greater evil.

What happened in France should sicken us. A police officer is dead and two wounded – by a man who is a danger to society and the security services knew he was a danger. They left a rabid dog on the streets.

Who will apologize to the innocent if one day there is a body count in the hundreds because we prefer exploitation platforms to a program of vigorously and in expedited manner removing these dangerous individuals from a greater peaceful society in the West?
I believe we need an independent arm within the intelligence agencies whose sole job is to review the forensics related to cases. Grant them the authority to then pick up the phone and speak to the alphabet agencies and set in motion lock up instead of surveillance. “Sorry guys.  You want to leave them in the wild. Instead, our team is going to pick them up and remove them from the public square.”
We need some checks and balances here. The scales are not properly weighted. Hence, things like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Garland, and…. the next big attack.  Here is my stance: Every single drop of American blood is sacred. Losing even one American in the name of greater good, is the greater evil.

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