What I Believe

The Muhammadan sanction for female genital mutilation is a barbaric, merciless ritualistic and subjugating practice against little girls.

I believe we need an immigration policy in place.

All migration from Muslim-majority nations to the U.S. require one definitive choke point against issuance of a visa.

Little girls must receive examination from a fully vetted and ethical female gynecologist.

If they have been mutilated – visa issuance for the guardians must be denied.

We want only the best to join us in our continually unfolding democratic experiment.

We do not want the worst – those who condone female genital mutilation in the name of a god.

This practice will not cease until an ethical and modern secular society is willing to declare the obvious:

You can mistreat your little girls within the religio-cultural milieu of your place of birth.

But if you do so – you will not be bringing that belief system to our shores.

Our rights are hard-earned. We will not allow them to be eroded in the name of false piety.



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