Donald Trump and his Promises: A different viewpoint

Passions are flaring within a blogging group of which I am a part. There is a sense of betrayal because of a belief that our POTUS is backing down on his primary campaign promise to, “Build that Wall!”

The POTUS has been in office for a mere one hundred days.  For a wall to be built companies must bid for the job. Proposals must be analyzed.  And Congress has to allocate funds. After that, a contract can be awarded.

Think of the last time you embarked on a major home remodel and how long it took to accomplish upgrades in a space of two or three thousand square feet.  Did a master plumber pull a permit from the city?  What about the electrical permit?  How long did it take to replace a roof, or pull up old hardwoods to replace them with a new look?  What was required for the replacement of an electrical box, or a new stone backsplash in the kitchen.   All of the things mentioned, took three months for my own abode. Things…  take time. There are no magic wands.

But there is just a small nagging question in my own mind.  Should any POTUS receive everything on their wish list?  If Congress approves everything for an American President what makes such a man (or woman) different than Erdogan or Putin?  There is a fine line between democracy and totalitarianism and an autocratic ruler.

I do not want an autocrat in office.  I do want a POTUS who feels the occasional pushback from Congress and the courts.  Minus the aforementioned, we no longer have checks and balances.


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One thought on “Donald Trump and his Promises: A different viewpoint”

  1. Certainly major construction such as that for a border wall takes time. But are any moves even being made in that direction? If so, the media aren’t telling the tale. Or maybe I missed the telling?

    It infuriates me that Congress will apparently not even consider funding the border wall, yet allows for the continuation of the funding of Planned Parenthood.

    As for autocracy, I’m less concerned about a POTUS autocrat than I am about Congress having turned into a political oligarchy operating to preserve globalist interests instead of the American interest.


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