Meanwhile, over in Euroslam….

Twenty years ago would any American imagine fearing for personal safety whilst planning for that dream vacation to Europe?

Department of State Travel Alert

Euroslam travel brochures offer special packages:

  •  Spend New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany and be groped by crazed men.
  •  Spend Bastille Day in Nice, France and mimic the running of the bulls in front of a truck driven by a infidel-killing man.
  • Visit the magnificent British Parliament and risk being stabbed by the man who just catapulted pedestrians off a bridge with his vehicle.
  • Take a Paris-bound train from Belgium and imagine your safety inside a speeding piece of metal when a Euroslamist tries to unleash his firepower.
  • Let’s not forget my favorite:  Visit a Christmas market in Berlin. Try not to spill your wine or end up with tread marks across your back as your uvula wobbles back and forth with your screams.

When I visited Britain and France prior to the Euroslamist madness the allure was the peaceful serenity of walking along the streets and enjoying the sites.

Who wants to plan a trip now?

Do you want to visit Le Louvre?

Welcome to Euroslam – because Islam always creates a new reality when allowed to superimpose over other civilizations.  What we are hesitant to admit is that Islamic State is – well, an Islamic State in miniature with regard to enemies of state.


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