Admission: I have also disclosed secrets to the Russians

Another day, another…. yawn…. concocted narrative.

Trump disclosed secrets to the Russians!

Of course the “proof” is “anonymous sources” – which is no proof at all.

So with a sense of fair play I wish to let the readership know about the secrets I have disclosed to the Russian.

  •  My first love was an Albanian dwarf.
  •   I hide chocolate in my lingerie drawer.  (true)
  •   In college I leaned over and kissed a total stranger. On the lips. He was stunned. (true)
  • My passport is fake and I travel under false pretenses.
  • I also have the nuclear codes.  I gave them to Russia with a complimentary amputated digit so they can access the computer.

Sadly, media colludes with these unsubstantiated narratives.  Clapper or Clinton?  Who thought up this one?


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